Firm Profile

Our corporate law services relate to the company itself, whether it is organized and operated as a limited liability company (or LLC), a corporation, a partnership, a sole proprietorship, or some other form of business association. Our clients receive the benefit of Mr. Smith’s years of experience in corporate law, both in the office of Eli Lilly and Company’s corporate secretary and as a private business attorney working with the owners of small businesses. In particular, Mr. Smith has extensive experience working with LLCs, including sophisticated joint ventures and special purpose entities, family businesses, and single-member LLCs owned by one entrepreneur.

For many years, Mr. Smith provided legal services to Lilly’s global procurement organization, working on everything from complicated outsourcing contracts to advertising agency agreements to manufacturing contracts to office leases. He also supported Lilly’s engineering design and construction organization, including construction contracts, design-build contracts, and construction management agreements, and its strategic real estate department. At Smith Rayl, he has continued his business law practice, working on franchise agreements, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, publishing contracts, and much more. He also represents clients in business disputes including, when necessary, in litigation.

Many of our clients are family-owned businesses, and the current owners are vitally concerned that the business remain intact to benefit future generations. We assist them in meeting those life goals through the use of various methods of structuring the control of the business, which is frequently facilitated with the use of limited liability companies, combined with traditional estate planning tools, including wills, powers of attorney, living trusts, family trusts, wills, joint tenancy, and transfer on death designations. In addition, we can structure family LLCs to mitigate the possibility that ownership or control of the business might be lost through unexpected events such as litigation or divorce of a family member.

Mr. Smith has provided legal services to nonprofit organizations for more than fifteen years, beginning with his work with the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation and his pro bono work with the Community Development Law Center in Indianapolis, providing legal services to nonprofit organizations working in low income communities.